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Serving the MD of the Foothills
since 1993

Residential, Rural
& Commercial
Potable Water Delivery

Pure, Safe Drinking Water Delivered in Bulk

Oilfield &
Heavy Construction

We do that, too...

Potable Water Truck


potable water


Cisterns, holding tanks, ponds...
You name it, we can fill it.

potable water


Fresh or potable water hauled to your location.
Dust control, compaction and frac water heating, too.

potable water


Meticulously maintainted fleet of governemnt certified trucks & equipment always ready to serve.

potable water


Friendly, safety conscious drivers treat customers with the courtesy and professionalism they deserve.

Potable Water Hauling

Residential, Rural, Commercial & Municiple Water Delivery

We specialize in large-volume potable water hauling and are well equipped to do so.

potable water

Residential / Rural

We deliver large volume loads of potable water to cisterns, tanks, ponds and water features to residences through the MD of Foothills

potable water

Commercial / Industrial

For auto dealerships, machine shops, landscape supply & nurseries, we provide the ample cubic meters of water you need to keep business up and running.

potable water

Municiple / Civic

Whether it's emergency services for flood, fire or line breaks or the startup / commissioning of new equipment, call us for large scale water support.

potable water

Film & TV / Recreation

Providing potable water to parks & recreation, movie sets and passenger rail cars for guest facilities or fire protection temporarily, seasonally or recurrently.

Call (403) 938-3282 today.

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Frac Water Supertank

Oilfield & Heavy Construction Services

We have the equipment and capacity to deliver dozens or hundreds of cubic meters of water to your location on demand.

And we can heat it.

potable water

Water Supply

Potable / Fresh water supply for well site and consultant shacks, boilers, rig tanks, cementing, abandonments, casing integrity tests, frac tanks and holding ponds.

potable water

Water Spreading

We provide dust control on streets, haul roads and job sites, compaction water spreading for road building, and stationary water spreading to clay, gravel, dirt product piles.

frac water

Frac Water Heating

For Hydraulic fracturing jobs, our trailer-mounted Gentex GT-140 super heaters circulate frac water at a M3 per minute with a 30°C temperature rise.

How we do it

Tri-drive Potable Water Truck

Our fleet of potable water tank trucks are government inspected and approved, annually. In fact, they are licensed as Mobile Food Vendor trucks by Alberta Health (license #CGY-169), assuring contents meet the stringent regulations defining drinking water purity and transport requirements.

Call (403) 938-3282 today.

Gentex Frac Water Heater

Meet one of Glacier Water Transport's Gentex GT-140 frac water heating units. We have two of these trailer-mounted, diesel-fired super heaters with 14 million BTU output. Each is capable of circulating at 1m3/minute with a 30°C temperature rise. They come equipped with dual high temp / low flow safety shutdowns as well as positive air shutoffs for the engines. Come with 130' of 3" suction and discharge hoses and can heat for 24 hours before refueling is required. These units functions at 85% efficiency so your heat goes into the fluid, not out the stack.

Customer Comments

We trust Glacier Water Transport to deliver our water year round in any weather. Their drivers are very respectful of our propetry and even bring treats for the dogs!

Andrea B. - Priddis, AB

Glacier Water Transport is a great company. The provide an excellent service at fair rates. Highly recommended.

Robert S. - Turner Valley, AB

Thank you so much for all your help after the flood. It was good to see a local company putting in so much time and effort into rebuilding our town. Keep up the great work!

Teresa P. - High River, AB

About Glacier Water Transport Service Ltd.

Serving the Foothills with safe, reliable potable water Since 1993


Phone (403) 938-3282

Potable Water Truck


Glacier Water Transport has been delivering safe, fresh, potable water to the MD of Foothills No. 31 since 1993. Originally based in the town of Okotoks, Alberta, and now in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in High River, AB approximately 40 km south of the City of Calgary, Glacier Water Transport has been proud to keep pace with the bustling region and its need for a reputable water hauling service delivering drinking water that meets the stringent Potable Water Regulations of Alberta Health as well as fresh water for agricultural, commercial and industrial production needs.

Health & Safety

At Glacier Water Transport Service Ltd., we are committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment that promotes a healthy approach to working in ever changing job locations. All of our drivers are well experienced in the business and take pride in the service they provide.

Our customers appreciate our diligence as we deliver potable water with as little disruption to daily routine and private property as possible.

Service Area

Glacier Water Transport delivers quality potable water to Calgary, Rocky View County, the MD of the Foothills and select outlying areas.

  • Black Diamond
  • Blackie
  • Calgary
  • Cayley
  • De Winton
  • Heritage Pointe
  • High River
  • Longview
  • Millarville
  • Okotoks
  • Priddis
  • Turner Valley
  • all points inbetween

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You can call us at (403) 938-3282, send an email to , or use one of the message forms below

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